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Quality Control for Customer Satisfaction

We will build a rigorous quality assurance system and fulfill quality management for customer satisfaction to ship perfect products.

Lifetime Warranty Service

We will not be satisfied with sales of our products, we will make customers feel assured and use our products by offering lifetime after-sales system.

Measuring Instruments

  • 3D Precision Measuring Equipment

    3D Precision Measuring Equipment

  • Analytical Electron Microscope

    Analytical Electron Microscope

  • Flatness Tester

    Flatness Tester

  • Form Measuring Instrument

    Form Measuring Instrument

  • Particle Counter

    Particle Counter

  • Rockwell Hardness Tester

    Rockwell Hardness Tester

  • Roundness Tester

    Roundness Tester

  • Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

    Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

  • Tensile Strength Tester

    Tensile Strength Tester