The World best hydraulic Products, JEIL PMC.

We have made best products with advanced technology and strict quality control.

Jeil PMC's products are used in various industry areas such as construction equipments, ships, agricultural machines, special equipment vehicles, defense service, and industrial facilities. We develop trust from our customers through strict quality control.

  • contstruction equipment area


    Construction Equipment Area

    Jeil PMC's valves and motors are used in various construction equipments, so our products have been recognized for high quality.

  • special equipment vehicle area


    Special Equipment Vehicle Area

    Jeil PMC has produced reliable products with excellent quality.

  • ship area


    Ship Area

    Jeil PMC's products have been applied to control system and measurement control of various ships, and we have got our customers' trust with best products.

  • defense service area


    Defense Service Area

    Jeil PMC has developed and produced tanks, armored recovery vehicles [ARV], and tank bridge transporters compatible with characteristics of defense industry.

  • agriculture machine area


    Agriculture Machine Area

    Jeil PMC has produced products applied for various agricultural machines.

  • industry area


    Industry Facilities Area

    Jeil PMC has provided the products suitable for strict technical specification and quality standards.